Famous Biography Poem

Use a unit on Social Studies to do some research on a famous person.


Line 1: ______________
(Name of Famous Person)
Line 2: Born in_________
Line 3: Child of_________
Line 4: Lived in__________
Line 5: Studied__________
Line 6: Overcame _________
Line 7: Worked as _________
Line 8: Challenged by_________
Line 9: Personal Traits________
Line 10: Always________
Line 11: Never_______
Line 12: Best known for_______

Famous Biography Poem Example :

Jackie Robinson

Born in Georgia
Child of Jerry and Mallie Robinson
Lived in New York
Studied at University of California
Overcame racial discrimination
Worked as a baseball player
Challenged by the color barrier
Personal traits perseverance and dedication
Always worked his hardest
Never gave up
Best known for being the first African Baseball Player

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