I Don't Understand Poem


Line 1: I don't understand
Line 2: Why __________________
Line 3: Why__________________
Line 4: Why_______________
Line 5: But Most of all
Line 6:Why_____________
Line 7: Why__________________
Line 8: Why_______________
Line 9: What I understand most is
Line 10: Why__________________
Line 11: Why_______________
Line 12: Why_______________

I Don't Understand Poem Example :

I don't understand why my father left me
Why is he not home anymore?
Why did he have to leave?
Why is he gone?
But most of all
Why doesn't he love me?
Why does he love his new family more?
Why is our family not important?
What I understand most is
Why I will be strong
Why life goes on
Why I will survive.

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