*I Remember


Line 1: I remember_____________
Line 2: I remember_____________
Line 3: I remember_____________
Line 4: And_____________
Line 5: I remember____________
Line 6: I remember____________
Line 7: I remember____________
Line 8: Even_____________
Line 9: I remember_____________
Line 10: But my favorite memory's yet to come

*I Remember Example :

I remember the warmth on my back from the summer sun
I remember swimming in the creek with water so cold your heart leapt from your chest
I remember fishing and the excitement when your bobber sunk
And how good it felt to let the fish swim to freedom
I remember playing with family on days that had no end
I remember night games with the entire neighborhood
I remember no locked doors on friends' houses as "my house is your house"
Even though I am older now and the days are shorter
I remember the laughter and joy of carefree days.
But my favorite memory's yet to come.

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