I Used To...


Line 1: I used to ____________
Line 2: But now I____________
Line 3: I always _____________
Line 4: But I never___________
Line 5: I once______________
Line 6: But now I____________
Line 7: If I could____________
Line 8: I would _____________
Line 9: I never_____________
Line 10: But I might_________
Line 11: I can't_____________
Line 12: But I can___________
Line 13: I won't___________
Line 14: But I might_________
Line 15: I used to_____________
Line 16: But now I_____________

I Used To... Example :

I used to have a nap time
But now I stay up late.
I always loved recess
But I never play any more.
I once thought I could fly
But now I know that isn't true.
If I could fly
I would travel around the world.
I never thought I would get good grades
But I might be able to graduate
I can't imagine getting old
But I can think what life would be like in high school
I won't dream without working hard
But I might play along the way to my goals
I used to play a lot
But now I know that hard work and passion will help me succeed.

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