List Poem

Think about an interesting place that contains a lot of items. What's in your desk at school? What is in your backpack? What is in your closet? What is in the kitchen junk drawer? Make that your opening line and then the rest of the poem is a list of the item you find there.


Line 1: What's in the (Name of the place)
Line 2: (Name and describe the first item)
Line 3: (Name and describe the second item)
Line 4: (Name and describe the third item)
Line 5: (Name and describe the fourth item)
Line 6: (Name and describe the fifth item)
Line 7: (Name and describe the sixth item)
Line 8: (Name and describe the seventh item)
Line 9: (Name and describe the eighth item)

List Poem Example :

What's in the junk drawer
Tools that were once needed but are now buried away
A pair of safety goggles that keep no one safe
A tape measure that once helped build a home
A pair of scissors too dull to cut
A roll of masking tape which is too old to stick
A broken crayon from a child's masterpiece long forgotten
A hammer too big for the drawer, but still finding a home
A memory of useful things now hidden away

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