Name Poem


Title: (your first name)
Line 1: It means (write three adjectives that describe you)
Line 2: It is like (describe a color, but don't name it)
Line 3: It is (name a pleasant memory with family or friends)
Line 4: It is the memory of (name a person who is or has been significant to you)
Line 5: Who taught me (write 2 abstract traits, such as honesty)
Line 6: When he/she (pull down) (write about when the person showed the qualities in line 6)
Line 7: My name is (first name)
Line 8: It means (state something important you believe)

Name Poem Example :


It means caring, friendly, outgoing
It is like a calm summer day
It is like playing on a sandy beach
It is the memory of my father
Who taught me to be myself
When he taught me to be myself
My name is Tom
It means to be all you can be and to try your hardest

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