Bio(logical) Poem

Short for biographical or biological, the biopoem can be adapted to many uses since the content and the form are variable. For use in a biology class, for example, the following form was adopted:


Line 1: Common name
Line 2: Four traits that describe the organism
Line 3: Relative of: (taxon or example)
Line 4: Possessor of: (3 structures)
Line 5: Who feeds on: (3 items)
Line 6: Who senses: (3 stimuli)
Line 7: Who reproduces by: (3 modes)
Line 8: Who requires: (3 conditions)
Line 9: Who is noted for: (3 items)
Line 10: Inhabitant of: (environment)
Line 11: Phylum name

Bio(logical) Poem Example :

Star Fish
Five arms, slow moving, colorful, complex
Relative of sea urchins
Possessor of collagen fibers, endoskeleton, complex nervous system
Who feeds on sponges, snails and bivalves
Who senses light, touch and temperature
Who reproduces sexually, asexually and are gonochorous
Who requires salt water, electrolyte balance and food
Who is noted for regeneration, diversity of environment and variety of species
Inhabitant of oceans everywhere

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